Peer Reader Program


LEiA’s Peer Reader Program offers authors whose articles were not accepted in the initial screening process a chance to receive advice on revising their work from an experienced author. Articles selected for the program are those that show potential because of their research area and relevancy to the region. 

Participants receive a detailed one-time email consultation from a volunteer Peer Reader whose work has been published in peer-reviewed journals in the language teaching field. There is no cost involved for participating in the program.

Peer Readers anonymously critique each article and suggest specific ways to improve it. Their comments and suggestions focus on the content of the article (e.g., research questions, literature review, methodology), rather than language issues. After authors receive the critique, they can send a follow-up email to their Peer Reader to resolve questions about any suggestions received.

The Peer Reader Program is designed to help authors in the region enhance their skills in academic writing for publication.  It is not part of the LEiA review and publication process, and author participation does not guarantee publication in LEiA. Authors may freely choose to submit their revised work to LEiA or to other publications.

If you are an experienced author who would like to become part of this new venture in building the language-teaching academic research community in Southeast Asia, please contact us at PRP.LEiA@LEIA.org.

John Middlecamp
Alan Klein

Peer Reader Program Coordinators

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